Who I Work With

Denay Davis Transformation Coaching

women seeking a life without barriers

As a Transformation Coach, I work with professionals who are ready to transform from an employee to a more purpose-filled life. Maybe you just need a plan of escape! If you know it’s time to do something else, ask yourself, “Why am I not doing what’s needed to change my work-life?”

Are you ready to address that one item that is slowing you down? Is it time to do something different so you’re not in the same space next year? Are you stuck? Let’s chat!

Barriers being broken through transformation coaching
"Denay is a gem. She genuinely cares about you and helping you succeed. I talked to her once and felt like she was a long time friend! I now have more than enough information to get started and a friend to contact with any questions I have along the way. More than I could've asked for!"
S. Rupe

the program

start your new season

What if you could transform your life into something amazing, begin a new season. Change your focus, mindset and how you view yourself in the world. The transformational approach in this program involves awareness, alignment, and action work. You will create energy and momentum around the change you want to make in your life. It involves building an overall understanding of what you want to change. Then, doing the work to make that transformation happen. This program is for women who want to start their new season as a self-worthy person looking for the “win-win” situations.

  • Recently single, trying to decide who they are outside of a relationship
  • Seeking to create a purposeful life after retirement
  • Looking for a major transformation in their career
  • Seeking to start a new life as a business owner
  • Finally ready to create true happiness in their lives
  • Recent empty nester, trying to figure out who they are if not someone’s mother

the details

assessment | transformation | accountability


Each week we will meet for a 50-minute live session. During this session we will address any homework, questions or concerns you have encountered in the previous week.

Pre & Post Questions

The pre-questions will be provided upon beginning the program to address the life concerns you want to work on. The post-questions will address the results received from the program.

Weekly Audio Messages

Each week you will receive an audio message from me. These audio messages include words of inspiration and encouragement, ideas to help you focus or suggestions around areas for improvement.

Accountability Partner

As your accountability partner I will periodically as for an update on any task you are working on to meet the goals you are working on. I am not doing the work, you are and I am here to assure you get results.


You will receive a Mindset Journal with the resources and questions that will support your transformation. You should print this journal and document your responses.


Email support is available to your throughout the program. If you have questions, email them and I will respond within 24-hours.

the results

focus | new mindset | purpose


Learn how to focus on those changes that bring you joy. Focus is the key to true happiness and success.

New Mindset

Understand how to assess the assumptions you make and notions you hold regarding how you view your life.


Live your life with purpose, trust yourself and take steps to keep your life moving in a positive, purposeful direction.

the investment

Starting at $1,497

8-Week Program

An 8-week coaching program for women struggling to find their place in the world. Stop allowing fear and trepidation to keep you from pursuing your dreams. Now is the time to unmask your purpose.

16-Week Program

For those that need a little more support, this 16-week program provides women with a foundation for their new season and walks them thorough the steps to making this the best season yet!

Who is Denay

Your transformation Coach

Detra Denay Davis

Denay is a Transformation Coach who has been helping women for more than 20 years. Her journey involved working with women in challenging life situations. Ladies seeking to create a new life and afraid to step outside themselves, often running from their truth. Her firm guidance, patience, and calm spirit make her coaching session a joy. She is easy to talk to and her sessions are a no-judgment zone.

Denay created The Program, Start Your New Season for women who need to change how they see themselves. She knows first hand the hardships of being stuck, needing to remove barriers. Are you ready to make a change? It’s now time to live a life that brings you confidence, pride, and happiness. Need more details about the program? Click the learn more links above!