When you have a purpose in life, you leap out of bed, ready to start your day. A person who knows their purpose tends to make a greater impact through their work. Making each day more gratifying.

Values are the rules that guide our decisions in life and help define our goals. They are what tell us when we’re on the right path or wrong path. These values also help us find and connect with others who share our way of viewing the world.

It matters not who you are, where you work or you lot in life, everyone is entitled to find their life purpose. This can be challenging yet when you are striving to meet your basic human needs. The last thing on our minds is finding our life purpose.

Do you Know How to Find Your Life Purpose?

Do you have it all?  Or are you struggling with finding your life purpose? It is possible to have a great job, make a ton of money, have terrific friends and family, and feel your life has no meaning, no purpose?

The days of our lives can disappear like snow in a furnace if we are not careful. Unfortunately, we don’t examine our purpose early enough in life. Today, children are so focused on social activity, some physical activity, video gaming, and social media. It appears seeking a purpose-filled life is of no interest until adulthood.

There are adults who want to find their purpose in life and pass the technique to finding it on to their children. This will only occur if they themselves take the journey.

“A study from Nashville-based Lifeway Research finds, compared to a decade ago, U.S. adults today are more likely to regularly wonder about meaning and purpose in this life but less likely to strongly believe finding a higher meaning and purpose is important.”

Questions to Help Find Your Purpose for Living

Before moving on I’d like for you to answer five questions. When it comes to your life purpose write down:

A life purpose offers clarity on what is important and what is not. Most people today are so caught up in so many things that ultimately do not make a difference in their lives.

When you have a purpose, you can immediately see which goals are important and which aren’t. You can cut through the bull and get right to the things that matter.

I often tell my clients to stop focusing on what they don’t do well and start learning to improve on what they do exceptionally well. Your good becomes, better and your better becomes your best.

I once knew a cake decorator who was trying to learn how to use fondant. She was an amazing cake designer and decorator using American buttercream. The issue: She wanted to do it all. Once she got out of her own way and started to perfect her buttercream skills, her sales increased. And she started building a name in the community as the best cake decorator in town. She never when back to fondant, she was not the queen of American buttercream.

After I found my purpose, I realized that almost all the goals that I had been working toward before were pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Today the most important thing for me is the ability to raise the world’s consciousness and help others grow through my coaching.

Finding Your Life Purpose: A Waste of Time?

Are you wasting your time doing something that does not serve your life purpose? Perhaps you don’t know your life purpose. If you want to learn more about finding what it is you were meant to be watch this video, “How to Finding My Life Purpose.” [call to action-email needed]

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