How often, during the week, do we find ourselves wondering, ‘Is it Friday yet? Are you living for the weekend? We all know life is short, but it gets shorter when all you can think about is the weekend.

By always thinking about the weekend you are missing out on the present.

If you are ready to put an end to this let’s talk about it.

Submit to a Weekend Mindset Shift

Make a conscious effort to watch your thoughts. Many of us cannot walk away from our jobs because we have bills to pay. So even if our jobs are stressful or we are unhappy, we must find a way to make it work.

You must set boundaries. Avoid being glued to your phone, work, or persona. Don’t check your work emails, this only creates a lot of unnecessary “noise” and stress.

Ask yourself why you need to check in on the weekends? Is it mandatory work or are you trying to keep messages and emails from building up?

Living for the Weekend

Carve out Sunday to spend time outdoors or around friends and family. This will make it much easier to unplug from electronics.

If you start feeling anxious on Sunday afternoon or evening, try doing things that calm your nerves. The weekend is a time to regroup and calm our body, mind, and emotions.

If you have not taken up a hobby, consider it.

You may also want to:

Don’t overbook yourself. You don’t want to start off the week more exhausted than you were on Friday when you started the weekend. Living for the weekend is not physically, mentally, or emotionally healthy.

Have you ever thought about not worrying about the weekend and simply slipping into it with no expectations?

If you have made it this far, take a look at the video below, Stop Trying to Get It And You’ll Have It | The Backwards Law

Ask yourself… “Can I change the way I think about the weekend?” Share in the comments what you might tell yourself on Fridays.

***Pay attention to the anxiety you feel. If it begins earlier and earlier each week and you start to feel, irritable, fatigued, or have difficulty concentrating. This is a clear sign you may need to seek professional help.

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